Brake Repair in Woodstock, GA

Brake Repair Woodstock, GA | Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Woodstock

Have you started to hear squeaking when you press your car’s brakes? Do the brakes feel like they’re not performing as they should, requiring more pressure to slow down the vehicle? You could need brake repair near Woodstock, GA. Fortunately, we are positioned well to help here at Woodstock Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM (CDJR).

Read on to learn more about your brakes and how our service team can help provide the brake repair you need.

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How Do Brakes Work?

Brake Repair Woodstock, GA | Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Woodstock

When you press your brake pedal, of course your vehicle slows and eventually stops. This process may appear simple on the surface, but really, there are a number of different components working that make it a bit more complex.

Once the pedal is pressed, it sends pressure through the brake lines. The lines carry this pressure to the brake calipers, housed in each wheel. The pressure is then used to squeeze the brake pads against the brake rotors, creating the friction needed to slow the wheels down.

As each of these components plays a critical role in the overall integrity of your braking system, one minor issue can cause declined vehicle performance. So, it is important to be on the lookout, we’ll discuss what to look for in the next section!


Why Do Brakes Go Bad?

Brake Repair Woodstock, GA | Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Woodstock

Like every car component, as you drive, the brakes will experience wear and tear. As they are the two parts that withstand the most friction, the pads and rotors are usually the two parts that need the most attention. Normally, the pads will need replacement every 10,000 to 20,000 miles, and the rotors will need replacement every 40,000 miles or so.

Ultimately, whether it is one of these braking components that needs attention, or another, you will start to experience symptoms that will tell you it is time to schedule repair. As previously mentioned, if you hear a squeaking or screeching noise when applying the brakes, or the brakes seem unresponsive, it usually points to a need for repair. There are other symptoms to look out for, though…

  • Burning smell while driving
  • Vehicle shakes/vibrates when you apply the brakes
  • Vehicle pulls to the right or left when you brake

Of course, your brake light triggering on the dash can also point to a braking issue.


Providing Brake Repair Here at Our Service Center

Brake Repair Woodstock, GA | Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Woodstock

If you start to experience any of these signs or symptoms, you will want to schedule brake repair. Once your vehicle is in our shop, our trained technicians will get to work. We’ll first pinpoint where the issue is, then we’ll be able to provide the necessary repairs so that the braking system can resume roaming in no time.

Our team members are all quite experienced when it comes to automotive repair, so we’ll be able to work swiftly and effectively to get the job done. Schedule a repair with our service department today!


Want to Learn More About Brake Repair near Woodstock GA? Contact our Team!

Interested in learning more about brake repair near Woodstock, Georgia? Whether you suspect your car needs brake repair in the immediate term, you are preparing for the future, or you are even just curious about how your braking system works, we’ll be happy to help.

Just contact the team here at Woodstock Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM to get the assistance that you need!

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