How to Check Tire Tread

How to Check Tire Tread

Tires are the connecting force between your vehicle and the road. There are certain requirements, such as tire pressure and tread depth, that determine healthy tires. Anything outside of these rigid requirements could lead to hazardous driving as you travel around Marietta, Canton, and Kennesaw, GA.

At Woodstock Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (CDJR), we believe that knowledge is power. That’s why we’ve created this easy-to-digest guide on how to check tire tread. Read on to learn more and then schedule a service appointment with us online when you’re ready!

How to Check Tire Tread Marietta GA

Why Is Tire Tread Important?

Tire tread, the patterns carved into the rubber of the tire, plays a critical role in your commutes. Tread is used to create traction. This helps you stay on track, especially during inclement weather.

The minimum tire tread is 1.6 millimeters or 2/32 inches.

When the tread of your vehicle’s tire drops below this measurement, you run the risk of creating road hazards. No longer is there enough tread to properly grip the road. This can lead to loss of traction. An increased braking time may also occur as a result which may create a vulnerability when sudden, unexpected stops are needed.

How to Check Tire Tread Marietta GA

How to Check Tire Tread: Three Different Methods

In addition to bringing your vehicle in to our on-site service center where one of our certified technicians can examine the tread depth, there are three other ways you can check tire tread at home. Let’s take a look!

1. Tread Depth Gauge – You can purchase a tool that will measure the tire’s tread. This tire tread depth gauge is inserted into the groove until the shoulders of the tool are flushed with the tread. Once inserted, you can see the measured tread depth. It’s recommended to check the tread depth in various locations on all tires since tread depth can wear unevenly.

2. The Penny Test – If you have a penny laying around, you can check the tread depth of your vehicle’s tire without the need to purchase a tool. Simply insert the penny head down into the tread. If a portion of Abraham Lincoln’s head is cut off, the tread depth is considered safe. 

On the flip side, if all of Lincoln’s head is exposed, the tire tread depth is too shallow.

Again, it’s recommended to repeat the penny test various times on each tire to get the most accurate reading.

3. Check the Tread Wear Indicators – Tires come outfitted with small lines that are housed inside the tread. These wear indicators are measured at the minimum tread requirement and act as a visual aid. When the tread of your vehicle’s tires is flush with this indicator, you know it’s time for a tire replacement.

How to Check Tire Tread Marietta GA

Service & Tire Shop near You

When the tread of your vehicle’s tires goes below 2/32 inches, there is no way to add additional tread. Therefore, a tire replacement is a must. For that, you can head to our on-site service and tire shop. Here, you can purchase Goodyear tires that will fit your model perfectly. Our certified technicians will then use their tools to replace the tire(s).

Did you know that tire rotations can help extend the life of your vehicle’s tires?

Depending on how you drive, tire tread depth may wear unevenly. To resolve this, routine tire rotations are recommended. This is a relatively quick procedure that can be performed at either our regular service center or at our Mopar® Express Lane where no appointment is needed.

Contact our team to learn more about tire rotation recommendations.

Learn More About Tire Tread by Visiting Our Service Center Today

Driving around Marietta, Canton, and Kennesaw, Georgia, with the correct tire tread depth makes a huge difference in terms of performance and safety. Make sure you’re always travelling as safely as possible by checking the tire tread depth of your vehicle’s tires regularly.

Learn more about tire tread depth and how you can check it by contacting our team at Woodstock CDJR. You can also schedule a service appointment by filling out our online form today!

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