Transmission Repair in Woodstock, GA

 Transmission Repair Woodstock, GA | Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Woodstock

As you may or may not realize, your vehicle’s transmission is a critical player when it comes to powertrain performance. In fact, aside from the engine, there may be no singular component more important than the transmission. As such, it is quite important to care for your transmission properly, as needed.

Fortunately, here at Woodstock Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM (CDJR), we are equipped to provide transmission repair near Woodstock, Georgia.

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What Does Your Transmission Do?

 Transmission Repair Woodstock, GA | Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Woodstock

So, why exactly is your transmission so important? Well, as your engine pumps out power, the transmission is the component responsible for optimizing and relaying this force to the rest of the vehicle, ultimately allowing you to drive.

As you hit the gas pedal, looking to accelerate, the transmission “shifts” based on your feedback. This is where the force optimization takes place, allowing you to travel at the desired speed based on how hard you are pressing the gas pedal. In the same sense, the transmission will “down shift” when you let off the gas pedal.


Do I Need Transmission Repair?

 Transmission Repair Woodstock, GA | Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Woodstock

If you are reading this page after typing “do I need transmission repair?” into the search bar, you may be pleased to find out that transmissions actually do not need repair often. More often, your transmission may need service, where you will flush out the old transmission fluid and replace it with new fluid.

If your car is a bit older, or you have failed to properly maintain your transmission, though, you may need transmission repair. In order to tell, we’ll need to take a peek under the hood, but there are some signs and symptoms you will want to look out for, as well.

Signs of Declining Transmission Performance

The first and most obvious sign of a faulty transmission is the inability of your vehicle to shift properly. If your car won’t accelerate as you hit the gas and the RPMs continue to increase, it usually points to an issue here.

There are some other symptoms to look out for, too. A burning smell, unusual noises, slipping gears, leaks, and even the check engine light triggering on can all point to potential transmission issues.

Providing Transmission Repair

 Transmission Repair Woodstock, GA | Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Woodstock

Fortunately, if your vehicle does need transmission repair, we’ll be able to get under the hood here at our service center and get to work. Our technicians are all trained, well versed in the repair process, ready to tackle your transmission repair efficiently and effectively.

We’ll work hard and fast to get the job done, that way, you can get back out on the local roadways in no time.

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Do you think your vehicle is in need of transmission repair near Woodstock, GA? No worries! We have you covered here at the Woodstock Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM service center. Just contact our team to set up a service appointment. We’ll get you in and out in no time, that way, you can get back to exploring Woodstock, GA.

We hope to assist you soon!

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