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In the market for a pre-owned ride? Well, you do have two main options when it comes to the pre-owned automotive market. First, you have traditional used cars that may offer you unique experiences on the local roadways. You do have an alternative, though, with certified pre-owned (CPO) models available, as well.

What’s the difference between used vs. CPO? Which is the better option for you around Marietta, Canton, and Kennesaw, Georgia? Find out with the help of our team here at Woodstock Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (CDJR).

What’s the Difference Between Used and CPO?

Both used and certified pre-owned models have been driven by other drivers. While this is the case, there exists a key difference between the two categories. What is it? …quality assurance.

With certified pre-owned models, you can have a higher level of confidence that the vehicle is ready to ride for years to come. Each CPO model has met standards in areas such as age and mileage, passed rigorous inspections, and had its history report reviewed. Only once all these standards have been met, can a used car become certified.

With traditional used cars, the same degree of quality assurance measures are not in place.

Examining Warranty Coverage

With certified pre-owned vehicles, you’ll also find that warranty coverage comes standard. Whether it’s the remainder of the warranty from when the vehicle was sold new, or a new CPO warranty, or some combination of the two, you’ll be protected in the event that something that’s under warranty would go wrong.

Warranties are often available on used cars, but you’ll likely have to pay extra to have them added.

Are Used Models or CPO Models Better?

While certified pre-owned seems like the surefire way to go on the surface, both used vehicle classes are great options. Used cars, too, offer drivers the ability to get behind the wheel of a great ride at premium price points. Additionally, there are measures that you can take personally to assure that used cars are high quality. For example, taking it upon yourself to review the car’s history report, or taking it to a trusted mechanic for inspection.

Used cars also typically offer drivers a greater selection of vehicles. You’ll be able to look at more models and more model years, diversifying the pool of potential vehicles available to you.

Our Used and CPO Selection

Here at our dealership, we’re proud to offer drivers a selection of used and certified pre-owned vehicles. Navigating to our used and CPO inventory pages, you’ll be able to sort through the different model options, learning more about each category and which models may fit.

Learn More About Used and CPO Models Today!

Ready to go with a used model around Marietta or Canton, GA? Sold on certified pre-owned as you look for a car that can companion you around Kennesaw, GA? Still trying to compare used vs. CPO more? Whatever the case may be, we’ll be happy to help here at Woodstock CDJR. Get in touch with our team to learn more!

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